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Furniture Party

Furniture Party

Furniture Party is a band from Victoria B.C.

What exactly is a Furniture Party? Honestly, no one knows, but what we do know is that Furniture Party is an exciting rock band that is sure to grab your attention. Featuring the talents of five different members, you can expect to hear everything from pop-punk to Latin rock, and blues rock to funk inspired jams. By all accounts, Furniture Party is indeed, a band.

Furniture Party is a band that plays alternative rock music

Featuring the talents from five different members, you can expect to see an immense variety in their set. Each of their songs are written to stand stylistically apart from one another so that there is always something for everyone in the audience to enjoy. With members switching instruments, unconventional playing styles and three different lead vocalists, Furniture Party always finds new ways to keep the show feeling fresh.


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