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Submit band / musician event information (gigs / performances) using the form below 🙂

Note 1: Try and submit your event at least one week in advance, to give me time to enter all the details, etc.

Note 2: You can try and fill out all / most of the fields, but if it’s too complicated or not intuitive enough, just send me all the details in the last Everything Else field, or use the Send A Message page to send me the info. You might already have a website which already has all your event information listed – so in that case, just send me the link and I’ll see if that’s enough for me. Or if you have an excel sheet etc., just let me know, and I’ll tell you how to send it to me. Whatever way you chode, try and include as much information as you can think of 🙂

Note 3: You can only submit a band / musician event if you / your band are already listed on this website. If you are not already listed, use the Submit Band Details page to submit your band / musician information (before, or just after submitting your event).

Why do you need to be listed to submit an event? The main advantage for you, is that when a user clicks on your event, they will see the event details, but will also be able to click on your band / musician page to find out more about you, see your photo, and see the links to any websites / social media pages you have. Also, your band / musician page will include a (calendar) list of all your future and past gigs. And finally, any venue listed will also have a calendar listing its events, past and present. All of this is pretty neat and quite nice, I think 🙂

Thank you