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MidMay is a Vancouver-based Alternative-R&B group fronted by Tom Shand and Jacob Regehr. Tom & Jake have been collectively working together for over ten years. They have grown together as music professionals always working on other projects in the city, but now it is their time to shine. The name MidMay came from their birthdays. Jacob, who would have been born just one day before Tom, but was born six weeks prematurely. Tom and Jake both sing, lending to the distinctive, full sound and diversity of genre from R&B, funk & soul to jazz and rock. MidMay combines their wide-range of musical influences into their sound – including, The Beatles, Anderson. Paak, Carole King, Donny Hathaway, Amber Mark and Stevie Wonder with their inspiration and deliberate, careful writing. MidMay is transforming and pushing the bounds of Alternative R&B in Vancouver’s post pandemic music scene.


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