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Moving Lines

Moving Lines

Moving Lines, hailing from the Okanagan, BC, bring a classic vibe from decades gone by that’s both inspirational and expressive … creating music that makes you FEEL! 

Jill has one of those rare hard rock voices that reverberates with the echoes of Ann Wilson and Ellen McIlwaine, that will send a tingle down your spine. 

If you love big female voices that can shake a stadium, she has it.

Kevin backs her up with impressive rhythmic guitar and deep soulful harmonies that blend techniques from their mentors to form original compositions. 

They are fueled with a lifelong passion for music inspired by sensations such as Big Wreck, Heart, Aretha Franklin, Sass Jordan, Nina Simone,  Alice in Chains, Chris Cornell and Ghost. 

Music is art … they are ‘Painters Of Sound’


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