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U2 Tribute band based out of Vancouver.

Whether it’s their very first single ‘Out of Control’, their Billboard top ten hit ‘Vertigo’, or the fan favorite ‘Where the Streets Have No Name’, SU2RENDR replicates the authentic sound of U2. With their attention to detail of U2’s studio recordings and decades of U2’s live shows, SU2RENDR brings the excitement, passion, and precision of both to every performance.

Singer Kevin McCormick says “We know fans go to the live shows because of what they hear on the album. But it’s their live show that really solidifies every U2 fan’s love of the band. What they do live is just undeniable!” Rounding out the band is guitarist Mike Metcalf, who’s been re-creating Edge’s sound for years, bassist Arne Eigenfeldt and drummer Troy Taillon

Launched in summer 2022, SU2RENDR brings the energy and awe of U2’s exciting 40-year history of hits to you! Wherever timeless hits are needed… Whenever an exciting show is required… Look no further, just… SU2RENDR


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