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Tamami Maitland

Tamami Maitland

Tamami Maitland is a singer-songwriter/Jazz pianist based in Vancouver BC. Canada. So far she has released 21 singles and one album, and more to come in the next year. Growing up in Japan, she was influenced by music by Studio Ghibli, Japanese culture and poetry. The lyrics of her original songs are often related to nature, the seasons and love, just like traditional Japanese poetry. With an extensive Jazz education received from Berklee College of Music (MA, USA) and Capilano University (BC, Canada), she developed her own style of music which is interspersed across several genres of jazz, pop, R&B and soul. The sound of her music can be described as soothing, groovy, melodic, and rich in harmony. She performs her original songs and jazz standards with a duo with a bass or a trio with a bass and drums or solo


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