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Soul Forgotten

Soul Forgotten

Vocals and digital instrumentation:
Nathan Hutton

Soul Forgotten began as a gutter rap concept in 2006 based out of Toronto, ON. Nathan very quickly moved back into more familiar territory creating songs influenced by punk, metal and hardcore. His ability to create the music as well as move between singing and screaming has always caught the attention of live audiences as has his persistent level of energy on stage.

Now 16 years later and with two EPs and numerous singles and demos out, Soul Forgotten will release the third EP, Matters of Life and Death (release date – February 2023). Diving into the topics of loss, grief and coming to terms with one’s own mortality, Nathan used the recording sessions to come to terms with the loss of a loved one to cancer.

Now living on Vancouver Island, Soul Forgotten is working to carve out a name for itself amid the beautiful backdrop of British Columbia.

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