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Chronfused (Julie B.) is a melodic vocal looper, poet, and improv artist who may actually just be a puff of smoke vaguely shaped like a human. Having spent their youth involved with the arts in their home-town of Yellowknife Chronfused has been performing professionally for over 15 years. A love of poetry, and audience collaboration […]

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Jason Qiu

Vancouver-born Jason Qiu was introduced to classical music at age four. As a teen, he channeled his insecurities into songwriting, leading to the formation of the indie group Locus. Vancouver-born singer-songwriter Jason Qiu performs in both Chinese and English, reflecting on life experiences with vulnerability and raw emotion. Email: Click to go to Linktree

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot emerged from the island wilds of BC after being shipwrecked on the small island of Denmanistan for many a moon. Their sound is a flurry of vintage remixed music built on laptops, old analog keyboards, and rock instrumentation. We are a 4 piece – Atom Percy (Acid Test, Econoline Crush, Bif Naked, […]

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A group of musicians brought together out of a desire to create evocative, ear-catching melodies and an emotional experience you won’t soon forget. SHAPES & SHADOWS have experimented with all manner of concepts and sounds, and are eager to etch their musical mark on the world. Fans of Jónsi, Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux, Radiohead, Phoria, […]

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Prasenjit Das

Pianist – classically trainedComposer – published works on AnjunabeatsProducer – dnb, house, ambient, chillhop, funkTurntablist – full scratchFestival Organizer – automations and process optimization Email: Click to go to Website

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Damian Sunwoo

Bassist Email: Click to go to YouTube

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Soul Forgotten

Vocals and digital instrumentation:Nathan Hutton Soul Forgotten began as a gutter rap concept in 2006 based out of Toronto, ON. Nathan very quickly moved back into more familiar territory creating songs influenced by punk, metal and hardcore. His ability to create the music as well as move between singing and screaming has always caught the […]

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Chris Robinson

Being a musician, song writer and composer has always been a passion of mine. My mission is simple: using music, videos, social media and live performances, I plan to build a community, share hope, promote peace, love and encourage anyone interested in making music to go out and give it a try because nothing is […]

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Sad China

music to dance to, music to heal to Email: Click to go to YouTube Click to go to TikTok Click to go to SoundCloud Click to go to Instagram Click here to go to Twitter

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Alex Masse, AKA Fairything, is an omnichordist, singer-songwriter, and producer/composer. Alex has been everywhere from Broadway Records crossovers to online multimedia collectives, from Vancouver Pride to working with the incomparable Penelope Scott. Much of their musical inspiration comes from In Love With A Ghost, The Scary Jokes, Tikkle Me, and the video games & cartoons […]

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Melohalo is a musical duo based in Vancouver, BC. The band is made up of multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriters Amanda Joan & Nathan Salloum. They blend electronic trip-hop beats and live instrumentals with sultry & haunting pop-rock vocals. They create emotionally driven content with reminiscent sounds of Portishead, Massive Attack, and Metric. Melohalo has a vulnerable edge […]