Open Mic and Jam Sessions update


I spent two weeks doing a review of all the listed Open Mic and Jam Sessions. I sent messages to the organisers and/or hosts and heard back from most of them.

So as of Nov 28th, all the Open Mic and Jam Sessions listed have been verified. There are 85 events listed. I will do another clean up in Spring.

During the two weeks, I discovered about 10 new events, which was nice.

However, I also had to remove 21 events most of these (15) were Open Mic’s. I suppose an Open Mic is reasonably easy to set up, and maybe not so easy to keep going if people don’t turn up!

8 of the 21 events were removed because I didn’t get any response and couldn’t find any evidence via Facebook / Website etc.

I hope you enjoy attending / participating in some of the listed Open Mic ? Jam Sessions – and please let me know if you discover any new events, or if you know that an event has changed / died etc.